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What can you expect as a student at the University of South Carolina School of Law?

A high-quality education at an affordable price, a degree that can take you anywhere you want to practice, and abundant opportunities to grow personally and professionally.


I'm proud of the respect that our graduates have for each other, the respect that our students show each other, and the respect that the faculty and staff and the students have. I'm proud of the careers that our graduates have had. And I am simply proud of the sense that we develop young professionals who go out and elevate the practice of law in the United States.

South Carolina is a place where our students are going to get good employment. They're going to pass bar exams at high rates. And those kinds of things, I think, are important when you look at the value of a degree and why you go there.

But I think, also, you have to look at the opportunities for experiential learning. You have to look at the opportunities to study abroad. The summer program we have in London. These are opportunities to have a broader experience than simply passing the bar exam and getting a job.

When you come to the University of South Carolina, you're coming to a place that is different from college. It's different from the career you may have had before. It's a place that is going to help you develop your professionalism, and it's going to help you develop the confidence that you need to practice law in whatever career path you choose.

You're going to leave from here with experiences that will last you a lifetime. Wonderful faculty, wonderful student colleagues, and a beautiful building in which we can do almost anything as a student. It's a wonderfully student-friendly place to be.


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