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What do you want your legacy to be?

Here at the University of South Carolina School of Law, I want my legacy to be known as an agent of change.

I want the students to have walked away having learned how law impacts people in a real way.

I would want to embody the spirit of giving back, the spirit of volunteerism, the spirit of board service and mentoring youth who may eventually become future legal practitioners.

I've worked in law schools for 31 years now. And if there is one student who I've worked with or counseled or taught in that time who says that they are a better lawyer or a better person, then I'm satisfied.

The impact that my classmates have had on me is that they've shown me compassion inside and outside of the classroom. And it's my hope that I return that and give them the same compassion and respect that they've shown me.

I would like my legacy to be a long line of generations of graduates that I have watched mature from junior attorneys to experts in their fields.

I want it to be known that I will be a good attorney, but I'm also a better person because of South Carolina Law.


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