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Technology is changing every aspect of the practice of law and the topics to which law applies. So one of the courses I teach is called Technology Law, Law of the Newly Possible. Because we're interested in whatever is coming next. For the last few years, students have actually worked directly with lawyers and others at major companies. So for example, we worked with Uber on their Uber Elevate program, which would be a network of flying taxis within specific cities.

In terms of the idea of a flying car or a flying taxi, it sounds pretty out there or far fetched. But actually, the technology is close to being there. So the question now is how does the law treat this?

But as a first year student, classes like contracts, property, those ended up mattering a lot. So the classes that sort of seem like they're old and static, actually end up hearing a lot of weight when you're thinking about how new things fit into an old environment.

The law school has been and continues to be a tremendous resource for both faculty and students who want to keep their finger on the pulse of what's happening in health care and in technology. The fact that our law school is state of the art really changes the way that we're able to teach. We're able to bring real world experiences in in ways that really bring them to life for students. We're able to bring attorneys from all around the country into the classroom so that students actually learn what's happening in these fields today.

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