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Clinical offerings are wonderful opportunities for students to have the experience of actually representing clients. So our clinical professors here generally supervise our clinical students, but the students are the ones who's truly representing the clients. We have eight clinical offerings here at the law school. And they range from education rights to juvenile justice, as well as representing nonprofit organizations.

One of our most recent additions to the program is our new Veterans Rights Clinic. And considering that we have such a wonderful veterans community here in South Carolina, we feel that it is a great benefit both for the community and also with our students to be able to offer a veterans clinic here at the law school.

You're not always able to work one on one with a client. And sometimes as a law student it's hard to bridge those gaps and connect classroom time, especially as a first year. Through the clinics program, you're able to sit down across the table from someone who's needing your assistance. Through that, all of the things you've learned in your evidence course as a second year and your contracts and your property classes as a first year student, you're able to bring them to life in a real situation.

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