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Tax Program

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We have a wide array of tax classes that we can teach. We teach multiple sections of income tax in each year, as well as upper level tax classes so corporate tax, partnership tax, state and local taxation, as well as a new tax practicum course that focuses on drafting documents that you made in tax practice. So we've got a really diverse array of tax classes that we can offer.

In one of the classes I'm in right now, we're actually collaboratively drafting sort of comments and suggestions for the government when they interpret these brand new tax regulations. So not only are we learning the cutting edge of the tax world, but we're also actually contributing to the policy and contributing to the interpretation of those regulations.

One of the great things about having the tax course offerings that we do and the focus that we do is that the reality for most tax practice these days is that you're going to need to pursue an LLM. And our students are able to compete and admission to those programs and then perform very strongly in the LLM programs because they are given such a solid foundation with the coursework that we have here at USC.

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