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Here at the law school, our Academic Success program involves giving students the opportunity to get the assistance that they need to make sure that they are as successful academically as they can be. And so those experiences range from student peer mentors to working with our director of academic success, in their first year all the way through graduation as they're preparing for the bar exam. We also have a lot of individual workshops, both for first year students on things like note-taking, exam prep how to manage your time as a law student, and being sure that you're prepared for those exams when they come around in that first semester.

This law school provides a peer mentor group, which are groups of former 1L students and now 2Ls that are assigned to a group of students and serve as their mentors in whatever mentoring capacity throughout the semester. You know, I was very fortunate my 1L year to have tutors that worked individually with me. And they were available by phone, email, or text anytime I had a question about a certain professor or what was the exam going to be like. This law school provides excellent resources in the academic and in the personal realm with tutoring and the peer mentor program.

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