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The Rule of Law Collaborative is a center here at the University of South Carolina. It's one of only a handful of academic centers in the country focused on issues that relate to rule of law. The Rule of Law Collaborative looks at questions around the world and at home about how citizens can participate and be protected by the law.

What makes the Rule of Law Collaborative unique is that we focus on bridging the divide between academics and practitioners. So we work to look at how we can strengthen the work being done in the field around the world on rule of law issues. We have a number of law students and other graduate students who work at the Rule of Law Collaborative, both during the school year and over the summer, helping us to produce programs on campus and in Washington, DC and actually, around the world.

Students come with us on many of those programs. They have an opportunity to work on our website developing content. And they have opportunities to engage in research as well.

The Rule of Law Collaborative offers a lot of opportunities to USC law students. I came into USC looking to kind of get into international law. And so it's been a great opportunity. It's like a gateway for like meeting who the actors are, who the funders are, what international law really is on the ground from an institutional level. So it's been a great networking opportunity and learning experience overall.

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