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Journals, Moot Court, Mock Trial

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At our law school, we have four journals. They are student-run organizations that allow students to collaboratively edit academic works and put them in a publishable piece.

Each of the journals focus narrowly on a certain subject matter depending on the books that they publish each year. So with that, second years really get to dive headfirst into someone else's writing, which is really helpful when applying for jobs. And due to your experience on a journal, whether it's citations, whether it's paragraph formation, whether it's legal research, you're able to get all those experiences throughout our four journals.

Moot court is appellate advocacy. Any student that is interested in what happens with the case after it's been decided at the appellate level. Mock trial is trial advocacy. So students that are interested in being trial lawyers are the students that will be interested in mock trial. It teaches you how to enter in evidence, how to make objections.

Teaching someone how to persuasively put together a case. Teaching someone how to have courtroom presence, how to speak to a jury of lay people. You know, as a trial lawyer you're going to be meeting with clients. So being in mock trial and being in moot court and having those interpersonal skills is, I think, essential to being a professional.

I want to be able to represent the university well. I want people to look at me and say, you know, he went to the University of South Carolina School of Law. And we can tell that he did because he's ethical. He's principled. I want to continue to represent that well. And for everyone that's coming up after me to be able to follow the good example.

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