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Why USC?

A great location, supportive faculty and staff, mentorship opportunities, and a brand-new building with state-of-the-art technology all contribute to the first-class learning environment you will experience here at South Carolina Law.

Columbia is kind of a hidden gem. It's the law school associated with the flagship university in a small legal environment in a capital city, so that provides a wealth of opportunities for students. The legislature is here, the governor is here, the federal government is here. So you have, in my mind, the best of both worlds.

The University of South Carolina has been really helpful with helping me get plugged into industry leaders in the community already. I mean I've been here for two weeks and I've already gotten plugged in with the mentorship program. We've got a senior partner at one of the biggest firms in the southeast. So we've got a lunch set up in their offices in two weeks. So I feel like I've really gotten plugged in pretty quickly to the legal market here in town.

When I began law school, my mom died very suddenly two weeks prior to beginning law school. And some of the professors here were so supportive and made themselves so available to make sure that if there were any things I needed to attend to, or if there was any time I needed outside of the classroom to sit in their offices and just discuss the concept, they were just great with doing that. So they've been very supportive of anything we've needed as students.

Well, the new facility here at Carolina definitely was on the list of reasons why I ended up here. It's very open, professors' offices are right along the halls where the classrooms are. So in terms of the collaborative environment, you just really can't ask for more in a graduate facility.

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