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Professional Preparation

From mentoring and service projects to skills assessment and career counseling, South Carolina Law offers a wide array of opportunities to help you identify your strengths and interests and prepare you for your future successes.


Everyone thinks of lawyers as oral advocates arguing in the courtroom, but that's just a small fraction of what lawyers do. One of the things that we help students do in the first semester of law school is identify what their skills are--the things that are going to make them successful--and help them identify the path that they need to follow to get there.

I've gained great experience through the mentors that were introduced to me here at the USC School of Law. Many of those practical experiences that you don't necessarily gain in the classroom I feel have come through many of the mentoring opportunities that have been afforded to me through people I've met here at the law school.

Service is always voluntary at South Carolina, but virtually 100% of the incoming class will choose to participate in the service day project. We go out to 15 different locations throughout the Columbia community, and we do whatever we can to help.

I was quick to get involved with the Pro Bono Program, because I knew I wanted to give back to the community I call home. I trained and was court-appointed to be a guardian ad litem for Richland County CASA. This means that I take cases involving children, and I go to court and I represent them and advocate for their best interests.

The first year course on professionalism provides a great overview of what the legal community stands for, what it means to be a lawyer, and the various skill sets to be successful in the practice of law. I actually was able to meet someone who offered me a clerkship through attending and presenting at that particular class. So for me, it directly related to a job opportunity, so it was a great experience.


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